Career Preparation

Topics: Personality psychology, Employment, Personality type Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: March 13, 2012
In the first 60 days:
1.This is where we make our first attempt to connect with the students. 2.Coordinate with the student and any local support to help them stay in the program and also finish strong. For example, they may be getting evicted from their housing; this is an opportunity for us to assist with other housing, especially since career transitioning isn’t as strong to happen w/o a stable home life. 3.This is where we introduce Work based learning. Their absences are excused by their instructor in the event their resume is strong enough to support working a few days in the field. It’s not a good idea to attach them too early in employment because they will find a way to quit their training if they have a new found job. (This is only if they haven’t had a job previously.) 4.This is where we introduce employability, personal responsibility, and information technology. 5.They are given as many career development skills up front in what an employer expects from them so they can transition into a career upon graduation. 6.There is a variety of assessment offered during this time, i.e., interest, values and of course personality. They measure students’ personal characteristics. There is no right or wrong answer – which is why students love to take them because they can be themselves, hopefully. They help the student make the most of informed choices regarding their personal career paths. 7.Interest Inventory – this helps to identify the students’ personal interest, especially those interests related to the world of work. Students identify occupations they may want to pursue from their training. 8.Work Values – What is valued in a job? Is it what you achieve? Is it power? Or is it affiliation? Students get excited when they can identify job/careers/employers they find satisfaction based on the similarities between their values and the characteristics required to be successful. 9.Personality – measures a students’ style in how they will deal with...
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