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The portfolio assignment report unveils me along several career dimensions by analyzing and improving my personality skills according to diplomatic knowledge of my aim and goals. The achieving a task to be a floor manager in the well established broadcasting organization as passionate for years is not simple job but still can be set focused towards goal. The analysis and interpretation of the personality skill can be executed by identifying leadership roles, personality type and SWOT analysis. The discussions also include the expert analysis, understanding the factors to learn by conduction of some interviews with personals. The justification of own qualities and character will help improve the individual personal to the next level of lifecycle.

Career development proposal6
1. Background literature6
2.1. Career Portfolio: A Definition7
2.2. Role of television Floor Manager7
2.3. Required Skills8
2.4. Floor Manager Duties9
2.5.1. Before a Show9
2.5.2. During a Show9
2.5.3. Outside Broadcast Duties11
2.5. Floor Manager Job Description11
2.6. Salary scale and work environment study12
2.7.4. Survey Analysis of Salary for Floor Managers13 2.7.5. Work conditions and environment study14 2.7. Relevent professional bodies and associating organization15 2.8.6. The Media and Entertainment Union16

2.8.7. British Interactive Media Association16 2.8.8. Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television17 2.8.9. Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists18 2.8.10. Union of B.C. Performers18

2. Practitioner’s career background and transcripts20 3.8. Working practitioner 1(AIDAN BOUTLER)20
3.9.11. Career background history20
3.9.12. Interview transcript21
3.9. Working practitioner 2 (KWAME LESTRADE)23
3.10.13. Career background history23
3.10.14. Interview transcript24
3.10. Interview transcript data analysis26
3. Research incorporating pathways, strategies and goals26 4.11. My Vision and My Future Direction27
4.12. Academic background and future view28
4.13. Education Plan28
4.14. Career background history29
4. Strategic discussions29
5.15. How to find a Related Job in the Industry29 5.16. Join with “TELEVISION EXPERIENCE”30
* SECTION 3 32
5. Self assessment32
6.17. Personality and managerial characters test results33 6.18.15. MBTI personality test results32
6.18.16. Leadership quality test results33
6.18. Performance and feedback analysis34
6. MOCK interview35
7.19. Interview attended- information35
7.20. Feedbacks35
7.21. Strategic analysis and better understanding facts35 7. Conclusion37
8. Appendix38
1. Curriculum vitae38
2. References39
3.1. Bibliography39
3.2. Websites40

Career development proposal
The career portfolio research scheme is to mould on my own to be a floor manager of concern does need an essential practice to be carried out accordingly in personality activities based on requirements. The identifications of requirements that actually kept in front for the selection of floor manager are to be evaluated. This case of scenario actually needs some of the factors to be identified like leadership qualities, managerial skills, relevant personality skills. These learning outcomes will...
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