Career Planning Is the Key of Employee Retention

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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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“Employee growth leads to organizations growth”

In today's fast-paced world, you can't miss a beat, especially when it involves your people. The most prominent and expensive resource we have our people. Retaining the quality human resource for the long term has become a serious challenge for the managers and in this backdrop an effective HR strategy requires an effective planning to retain the potential leader who can in the near future. New horizon on the corporate youth and their changing priorities .It is a fact that young people who start working in a big company no longer expect to stay there for their entire career. If an employee resigns, then good amount of time is lost in hiring a new employee and then training him/her and this goes to the loss of the company directly which many a times goes unnoticed. And even after this you cannot assure us of the same efficiency from the new employee (He might be better and might not be). Company’s requires time to judge his capabilities and work nature. And above all these things, one resignation many a times triggers a chain reaction among other employees, leading to a negative effect. [pic]

Management practitioners do believe that we are entering into an era where success will be essentially determined by the ability of the organization in hiring and retaining quality human resources for a long time. A common strategy adopted by the youth in India is to start at an Indian firm then move to another firm may be Indian or foreign in more senior position .we rightly call this line as a “Strategy “OR “CAREER PLANNING”.

Career Planning[pic]
Career is a sequence of positions or jobs held by a person during the course of his working life. A person career is shaped by many factors like:- parents,culture,job experience, age etc. Normally employees want to advance and grow in their career. But organizations have their own requirements and...
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