Career Path to Journalism

Topics: ESPN, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer Pages: 3 (1294 words) Published: June 12, 2011
Sports media has changed the way sports are viewed today. Sports reporters live their job. They do this in order to give their audience concise explanations of their views on the current sports world. Sports reporters go through a specified career path, and are highly trained to perform their job at the highest level. I plan on taking the specified route, putting in time, and making sports a priority in my life in order to become a household name in sports. As an accomplished reporter, I will travel all over the world to report back to the U.S. as a primary source of sports information. The career path to becoming a journalist is very specific, and starts early. Writing is the major skill needed to be a touted reporter, so it is necessary to put an emphasis on English early in one’s education (WISCareers NP). Besides English, there are other classes that are not mandatory, yet very beneficial. Journalism and the performing arts are very helpful classes for any reporter (WISCareers NP). Through journalism I will learn skills specific to a future career in the field. Through performing arts I will become comfortable performing live, a skill essential to any broadcasting career. After high school comes the most indispensible part of any journalist’s career. With the exception of special cases, all journalists require a minimum of a four-year bachelors degree in journalism to obtain a job (WISCareers NP). I plan on attending The University of Texas, Austin(UT), where I will major in sports journalism. UT has a highly touted journalist program that will teach me specific skills essential to a career in journalism (Education Portal NP). I also plan on completing a minor in broadcasting production. Doing so will teach me what is done behind the scenes. That valuable knowledge gives me the flexibility to work on set or behind the camera. Having multiple skills that directly apply to journalism will serve me well when I need to “climb the ladder”. There is a...
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