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After graduating High School, your life begins. There are many careers to choose from; for example, a veterinarian. Getting a profession in any career isn’t easy, and becoming a veterinarian is one of those careers that you need to work hard in order to make it. It involves a few extra years in school and a lot of hard work. There are many colleges to choose from as well, such as Ross University. At Ross University you can learn all the skills needed to become a veterinarian. You need many skills and a love of animals to become a veterinarian and to succeed in that career.

This career is perfect for people who love working with animals and who enjoy science. (Veterinarian 1) You will get to work with all kinds of animals, from cats and dogs to horses and cows. You don’t have to work with only domestic animals; if you love wild animals, go can be a veterinarian at a zoo and work with wild animals. If you prefer marine animals instead, you can become a marine veterinarian and work with whales, sharks, dolphins, and etc. Science is an important subject to master if you want to become a veterinarian. You don’t really need many requirements except four years of college and an extra four year veterinary school. All you need to have is a passion for veterinary medicine and healing animals. (DeYoung 1)

First of all, you need to go to college after High School. Becoming a veterinarian is hard work and you need to take lots of courses to master the skills needed to be a veterinarian. (Vet Schools 2) You need to take four years of college and take biology, chemistry, physics, nutrition, and animal science. (Veterinarian 1) You need to learn the skills necessary to bring comfort to both animals and their owners before becoming a veterinarian. After the four years of college, you need to go a veterinary school for an extra four years.

There are many colleges that can train you to become a veterinarian. For example there is Ross University, a veterinary...
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