Career Paper: Neurosurgery

Topics: Physician, Surgery, Medicine Pages: 3 (1197 words) Published: March 19, 2013
My dream career is often used in a joke to describe someone as being or acting dumb, so when you say the joke “It’s not brain surgery!” you refer to me. I am going to study Neurosurgery and become a brain surgeon. I am good at math & science and one thing that always stuck with me from science class is that the brain and heart are the strongest muscles in the body. Without these muscles, humans cannot survive. I chose the brain over the heart simply because of a quote, “the brain is smarter and stronger than a computer, and humans can only access twenty percent of that power”. Ever since that day I’ve had a passion about the brain and how it works. Not a lot of people can say that a movie made them choose a career path, most people would laugh and call me stupid. The movie “Limitless” caused me to turn my passion for the brain into motivation to pursue the career path of a brain surgeon. In the plot of the movie “Limitless”, there is a struggling writer who is in a bad place and whose life is going down the drain. He sees a man from his past and starts taking this new type of drug he persuades him to try. Long story short, the drug unlocks the full power of the brain and makes you unstoppable; smarter than a computer. The thing is, in the movie when one is on the pill there are major consequences and side effects. Some of the side effects in the movie are that their bodies become weak, and they become addicted to the pills. What I want to do in my career is save lives, but also make that pill a reality without the harming side effects, creating a better human race. That’s why I choose to become a brain surgeon. I have one goal in my career field and that is to make a pill that affects the brain, so I am going to study Neurosurgery to become a brain surgeon.  Neurosurgery is a specialty that involves the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves, and their supporting and surrounding structures. (Neurosurgery page...
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