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The career I have chosen is to be a chef because I love to cook. I always help my mom, grandma, and aunt when it comes time to cook a meal for a family event we are having. I enjoy cooking because it is art you can create as many different things as you want with one recipe by just changing one ingredient. I also like to see people’s faces when you cook something they have never tried before. Sometimes you get a good reaction and sometimes their like ewww that’s gross. In this career field there are many different ways you can go because you have so many cultures that have different types of food for example Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Indian, Mongolian, American, etc.

There are many different types of chefs you have Executive, Sous, Pastry, Station, Saucier, Poissonier (Fish Chef), Entremetier (Vegetable Chef), Rotisseur (Meat Chef), Pantry, Line, Expediter. Here is a Description of all. Executive Chef (Chef de Cuisine): The executive chef is the boss of the kitchen. There is usually only one per restaurant (or chain), so the competition to get to the top of the field is fierce, and it can take years of formal training at a culinary school as well as decades of experience to land the job of your dream. As executive chef, you rarely worry about the details of food preparation, instead acting as the overseer, keeping the kitchen running smoothly and planning the menu with new dishes that you devise. Sous Chef: The sous chef is the right hand of the executive chef, and there can be more than one. These professionals do a lot more of the micromanaging in the kitchen, seeing to the details of each dish and working in the trenches to make sure everything is properly prepared. Pastry Chef (Patissier): In most cases, becoming a patissier requires a different type of culinary training, usually at a baking school or in a baking program rather than a straightforward culinary school. The bulk of this work is centered around pastries, breads, and desserts, and...
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