Career Opportunities in Music Industry

Topics: Unemployment, Employment Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: November 3, 2010
Review Of "Career Opportunities in Music Industry" by Shelly Field.

There are new emerging meanings and relevance of following terms in Indian context. 1. Employment
2. Unemployment
3. Underemployment

All these concepts apply to old way of looking, the new way to understand these concepts is in terms of Job and Joblessness.

If there are one million jobs available, there might very few people who can fulfill these positions.

If there are one million people with particular skills, there might be very few jobs available to fulfill.

Therefore, it is highly critical to understand new career opportunities of our new economy to match your skills to the available employment market, especially if you want to pursue a career path little away from the main stream like Music.

One is amazed and relaxed once we go through the Book by Shelly Field, available both paper back and hard copy to find great "Career Opportunities in Music Industry."

This book covers almost all possible career paths in current music industry worldwide. One can now design his or her own career path by taking this book as an experienced guide in music industry.

This book covers following aspects of jobs and career options in music industry besides career Opportunities in music industry.

1. Job Design In Music Industry.
2. Job Positions Description in Music Industry.
3. Job Duties in respective Job in Music Industry.
4. Salary range in Dollars; the most important factor to join Music Industry. 5. Current Employment Prospects.
6. Future Employment Prospects of particular job in Music Industry. 7. Geographically Where? the Best possible place where that particular job in music industry is available. 8. Prerequisites to get your dream job in Music Industry. 9. How much experience is required?

10. What Quality of experience is required?
11. What Skill and special abilities are required?

Try to read this book once, if you are...
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