Career Opportunities for B.S. Accountancy Students

Topics: Accountancy, Accountant, Certified Public Accountant Pages: 16 (6090 words) Published: October 1, 2011

Accountancy or Accounting is said to be the “language of business”. It is the art of communicating in terms of financial aspects in the business world. It communicates in the form of financial statements that shows the income, assets, expenses, liabilities and capital of a certain business. It is a branch of mathematical science that shows the reason behind the excellent success of a company, as well as its downfall or failure.Accountancy qualifies as a profession because they have their own body of language and they also use terminology peculiar to the profession. The demand for accounting services has increased with the increase in number, size and intricacy of businesses all over the world. Accountant is the term use for the practitioner of the said course. A graduate of B.S. Accountancy is considered a professional accountant if he or she is an official board passer of the CPA Board Examination. Every company or corporation, here in our country as well as from other countries in the world, searches for professional accountants that can be functional for their business. A professional accountant is offered with an innumerable of opportunities. These opportunities have different areas where accountants can choose from. Non-board passers have also job offerings but these may be a lower position. The main concern of this article is to discuss the different career opportunities for B.S Accountancy Graduates, whether they are board passers or non-board passers. But first of all, the article will mention brief information on how accounting started and evolved into the accounting of today. It will talk about the different definitions and interpretations of Accountancy or Accounting from different well-known writers of Accountancy books in the Philippines. Different areas of competencies and accountants will also be discussed in this piece of writing. It will cite two of the most useful activities, which can help Accountancy majors to choose their career field, together with the ways on how they could help. It will also state how a non-board passer can surpass a board passer. A. Statement of the Problem

This study seeks to determine the career opportunities for B.S. Accountancy graduates. To answer the general problem of this study, the following questions would be addressed by the student researchers: 1. How do accountants make their decision in to what field they will be in? 2. What activities can possibly help Accountancy majors in recognizing different career opportunities? 3. How can On-the-Job training help undergraduates of B.S. Accountancy in choosing their area? 4. What career opportunities will be given to B.S. Accountancy graduates that are board passers and non-board passers? 5. How will non-board passers make themselves stand out amidst the hundreds of their competitors? B. Significance of the Study

This study is not significant at all if this does not aim to help and assist the readers. The study aims to supplement the minds and ideas of the interested readers of this article. The succeeding statements enumerate the persons who can benefit the most from this:The Graduate Students of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy can be help by this because it discusses topics that will enlighten the minds of the newly graduate students to the different fields that accountancy offers. It will also help the students to choose from the many career opportunities that it offers. Aside from that, this will further improve the knowledge of the newly graduates to their right track.For the Undergraduates of B.S. Accountancy, this will help them become aware of the different career fields that will help them pursue the accountancy degree. That even after frustrating years the fruit of their hardwork will surely be a good one because there are lots of career opportunities waiting for them. This will also open the awareness of students on their possible...
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