Career Opportunism in the Nursing Profession

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Leandra Perkins
English 11
21 October 2011

Career Opportunities in the Nursing Profession
When one typically thinks of the nursing profession they would most likely see an image of a little woman in a white dress with a white cap on her head at the hospital bedside coming to administer an injection for whatever the illness may be. However, today the nursing profession stretches far beyond these boundaries. The face of the nursing profession has transformed and is now attracting men and women alike due to its variety of opportunities, increasing benefits, invaluable experiences. There are many responsibilities that come along with hands on nursing. First to be a health care provider, one must have two to four years of college with studies in the appropriate subjects. To begin, passing the science classes with at least an 80 percent and LPN school is a requirement to meet the eligibility requirements of nursing. To be a hands on nurse, one must be able to pass a Tuberculosis test, and have 75 hours of supervised community service to first see how the nursing candidate treats patients. As a care giver, one must have a good bedside manner and must be able to work well with people who are sick and try not to let emotions come in the way of job responsibilities. A health care provider faces many challenges as the job is hard and time consuming too. Perkins 2

According to the CNA payscale accessed on November 6, 2011 at the website,, CNA’s range from $14,000 per year to $45,000 per year depending on the job and years of experience. This career generally comes with great benefits such as medicinal insurance for the care giver, spouse, and child/children. The job requires forty hours of work, not including the overtime per week. Things that need to be remembered while at work and dealing with...
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