Career of Police Officer

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APatrick Downey
Mr. Ausmus
Coms 101
9 March 2009
Police Officer
. Introduction
b. Attention Getter
i. To get you attention I would like to inform you about what a police officer gets to carry with him at all times in order to protect himself from the bad guys: his first line of defense is his pepper spray, than asp, than handcuffs, than tazer, than his weapon that has a fifteen round clip with one in the chamber making sixteen rounds, if he runs out of that he has two more clips on his side. Awesome… no?  

c. Statement of Specific Purpose
i. My specific purpose here today is to inform you, the audience, on the carreer path of being a police officer and maybe persuae you to become an officer at the end of this speech.  
d. Thesis
i. My Thesis is that with a solid/honest paying job, a police officer is set with a solid salary and benefits that will help him after he retires.  
e. My Three Main Points
i. Barriers to entry and education
ii. The job opportunities while working
iii. Salary and benefits of being a police officer
. First Body
a. Not just anybody can become a police officer, there are many step that need to be taken in order to just apply for the job. i. Education
a. U.S. Citizen
b. 21 years old at time of appointment
c. No felony convictions
d. 38 completed college semester units or
e. 57 quarter units (Deputy Sheriff Cadet)
f. 60 completed college semester units or
g. 90 quarter units (Deputy Sheriff - lateral)
ii. Police Academy
1. The Regular Basic course is the entry-level training requirement for all California peace officers, as specified in P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training), Regulation 1005. a. The course prepares each student by providing hands-on experience, including weapons training, role-play scenarios, patrol procedures, emergency vehicle operations (EVOC), and arrest and control techniques. (Sheriff) 2. The JTC Basic Academy is a physical academy. In addition to the physical training that consists of running (including hills), push-ups, sit-ups, weight training and calisthenics, recruits are required to complete 80 hours of instruction in defensive tactics training. a. This includes ground control, baton training, control holds and take downs. Every precaution is taken by instructors to prevent injury to recruits but in dynamic training, physical injuries can and do occur. The majority of these injuries are muscle and joint strains/sprains. (Sheriff) iii. Field Training Program

1. The field training of new deputies is a vital supplement to the training received in the police academy.  The initial exposure to Law Enforcement provided through the Field Training Program often shapes the future careers of new patrol deputies. 2. The Field Training Program is 16 weeks long and the trainee is evaluated every day on a Daily Observation Report.  The forms are used to constructively critique the trainee’s performance using the Sheriff’s Office Standardized Evaluation Guidelines.  3. There are four phases of training and each phase has an accompanying written exam.  The trainee must pass each exam in order to complete the training program.  The program is difficult and due to the demanding requirements, some trainees are unable to successfully complete the program. 4. During the 16 week program the trainees will be exposed to: a. Sheriff’s Office Rules, Policies and Procedures

b. Criminal Laws and Investigations

c. Traffic Enforcement

d. Citizen Contacts
e. Interviewing Skills

f. Report Writing
g. Safety Skills
h. Policing
Applicable Civil Laws
i. Simile: Cops must have nerves like steel
. Second Body
a. While entering law enforcement at Santa Clara County Sheriff Office, there is a wide range of job opportunities that are accessible to you. i. Job opportunities
1. Headquarters Patrol
: South County Patrol
, Rural Crime Unit & Task Force
, Field Training Officer
, Unincorporated areas 2. West Valley Division
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