Career Management Plan

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Career Management Plan
Colorado Technical University Online
Dana Johnson
February 6, 2012

When planning what type of career you want to pursue, a good idea is to take a psychological test called a Whole Brain Assessment, (WBA). This test is very accurate, and allows you as the taker to see what type of person you are based on the questions asked. A good idea is to remember that the test measures what you prefer to think and process and has nothing to do with an individual’s abilities.

With that being said, I will share my personal WBA. After reviewing the results from my test, I scored L2 dominant and L1 secondary. The L2 quadrant is the lower left hand side of the brain that organizes and preserves information. I scored a much higher percentage in the organizer half of this quadrant. My secondary quadrant is L1. This section is located in the upper left side of the brain. The L1 quadrant controls the realist and the analyst. I scored a much higher percentage in the analyst section. Therefore, I am a left brain thinker and have both of the traits of the organizer and an analyst of information. The WBA stated that a good career position for me would be project management oriented and a business administration where I can manage others and make things happen would be perfect for me to move into. My assessment and personality of INFJ, or introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judgment, work well together. They work hand in hand in how I can personally take on tasks in any environment and break them down and complete them.

Now that we know what type of personality and traits are best for different career positions and what specific traits I have, I need to put together a good list of goals and target job positions and companies that will allow me to use my best traits to their fullest potential. After careful consideration, I found that I would like jobs that are going to better others in my local community. This means I want to pursue something of social service to others. The first company I am interested in is the United Way of Pasco County. This is a national company in my own county. Through choosing this company, I know I can do the most good for those I interact with daily. Sitting down and planning out what steps I need to take to achieve the goal of working with a group to better those in my community is very important. SMART goals are goals that are attainable and realistic. These goals need to be in place from beginning to end. My first goal is to pass each class with the best grade possible and with as much effort from me as possible. I know that if I really want something, I need to use my best effort to achieve it. My second goal in this list is to obtain my associates of science in general studies which will get me into a bachelor’s program at Colorado Technical University. My third goal is to work on my Bachelors of Science in the Business Administration program with a concentration in Project Management and a minor in Personnel Relations. I was able to pick this program with this concentration because I reviewed my WBA and was able to discern that this is the best course for me because of my strengths. Playing up strengths is a smart way to go in any situation and especially for a career that anyone would want to pursue.

As I mentioned, you would also want to target specific jobs and companies where you can use your strengths and excel in areas where you do well. Utilizing your whole brain assessment, look at different companies and job positions that you think you will enjoy while still playing up the results of your assessment. For example, I looked up different jobs within a 10 mile radius of me. I found Macy’s/Bloomingdales at my local mall, .4 miles away, The United Way of Pasco, .2.5 miles away, and The Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco, 1.8 miles away. I have worked in retail for the past ten years, and thought this was a good company to work for because...
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