Career Management of Michele Terry and Joe Francis

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Career Exploration

1(a) What specific career exploration activities have Michele and Joe undertaken to gather information about themselves (their values, needs, abilities, interests, and desired life style) and their environment (different jobs, employers, industries, their families)? What could each of them have done to acquire more information?

Personal Information

Michele Terry
➢ Promotion should be based on experience.
➢ Providing competitive service to the society as a part of bank. ➢ Emphasize on the personal goal.

➢ An MBA degree.
➢ Multidimensional job experience
➢ Image of an officer.

➢ Bachelor degree.
➢ Competency in marketing service.
➢ Serve as a mentor for the young professionals to get their career established.

➢ Post of the President

Desired Life Style:
➢ Wanted money and status and opportunity to affect broad policies to serve the community.

Joe Francis

➢ Higher degree of job commitment.
➢ Strong sense of quality work.
➢ Little attachment with the family.
➢ Legendary performance at the district and regional level. ➢ Pleased with the status in the company.

➢ No career advancement was desired, satisfied with the job as sales representative. ➢ Stay at present job for the sake of his family.
➢ Needs attention to his work for staying at the present job.

➢ Legendary sales performance.
➢ Strong reservations about the quality of Infotek’s products.

➢ Sales to pencil pushing and administration
➢ Give his family a luxurious life.

Desired life style:
➢ He was not so ambitious but for his family he became pretty accustomed to the good life. Environmental Information

Michele Terry

Different jobs:
➢ Unable to get another job.

➢ Federal Bank, a medium sized financial institution.

➢ Financial service industry.

➢ A supportive husband,
➢ Children and infant grandchild.

Joe Francis

Different jobs:
➢ Did different types of job in the same organization starting from sales representative to vice president of sales.

➢ Infotek-a computer software development firm.

➢ Service industry 

➢ Consists of children and wife.

Activity to acquire more information
Michele Terry

➢ Seat in the interview for 15 times in the last 5 years. ➢ Spoke with officers of other institutions in the financial service industry and the environmental exploration has done perfectly. ➢ Self- evaluation and re-examination of personal goal.

Joe Francis

➢ Joe was satisfied with his post and was not concerned about the environmental change and employee behaviour, that’s why he didn’t go for further career exploration

1(b) How much insight do Michele and Joe currently have about themselves and their environment?

Michele Terry
➢ Has a clear career goal.
➢ Has ambition to be the president.
➢ Didn’t develop and implement career strategies properly. ➢ Not aware of working ability of innovative project, but later discover her ability.

➢ Aware of having a good relationship with young managers. ➢ Aware of having good appraisal from peers and supervisors. ➢ Aware of having good relationship with family.

Joe Francis

➢ He was satisfied with his career.
➢ Didn’t go for further career exploration and goal setting, strategy development and strategy implementation.

➢ Was not aware of environmental change and the attitude of his employer.

Career Goals

2(a) Does Michele currently have a career goal? If so, what is it and is it different from the goal she had earlier in her career? Has it helped her...
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