Career Management and Professional Development

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Career Management and Professional Development
Placement Assignment 1.

Toys ‘R’ Us

1 Introduction3
2 Skills3
2.1 Time Management3
2.2 Team work4
2.3 Proffessionalism4
2.5 Selling4/5
3 Values5
3.1 Recognision5/6
3.2 Personal attributes6/7
4 Conclusion7
Appendix 1 – Sectors within Toys ‘R’ Us9
Appendix 2 – Employee Appraisal10/11
Appendix 3 – Action Plan12/16
Appendix 4 – Management structure and diagram17

1. Introduction into the company

I began my placement with Toys ‘R’ Us in the summer of 2011. Toys ‘R’ Us started off in 1984 as a small store in Maryland USA which has now expanded globally. Today Toys ‘R’ Us incorporates Babies ‘R’ Us which is a leading retail baby product specialist. In 2011 toys ‘r’ us also branched into the Far East market linking with companies in South East Asia and China. Within each toys ‘r’ us branch they divide the stores into sections which can be found in appendix one. After a nine week training period is completed, managers are given one of these sections to manage and ensure all staff are working to the standards and expectations the company require. They also make sure the department is presentable and running to the best of its ability, to maximise profits, and offer good customer service to potentially gain a brand loyal customer.

1.1 Introduction to my training program
In the initial stages of my placement I had to undergo a nine week training program which would develop my skills and knowledge of the job I would have to perform, in the later stages. When I finished my training program the section I had to manage initially was the ‘floor’. This included ensuring the shop was as full of stock as possible, and to make sure every customer who walked through the doors had the same opportunity to buy the same products, whilst adhering to health and safety policies. This meant nothing could go ‘off sale’. I have twenty members of staff to manage, which increased to one hundred over the Christmas period. I ensure staff deliver excellent customer service and give added value when dealing with customers. This could include elements like basic polite and informative help and instruction, and the arrangement of ordering and transferring stock from other settings to our store, to assure full customer satisfaction. This has become an increasingly more important role for my staff as new competitors enter the market.

2. The skills I have gained and used whilst on placement.

2.1Time management.
Time management has been a key skill I have used and developed from the beginning of my placement. My time planning wasn’t just used within the work place, but also in my personal time. I had to move away from home for this employment and I found that good time management in the organisation of your affairs away from work, can significantly improve your efficiency at work. ‘One goal is to help yourself become aware of how you use your time as one resource in organizing, prioritizing, and succeeding in your studies in the context of competing activities of friends, work, family, etc.’ I have analysed this concept and through my placement set goals and used my time within and outside of work wisely. As well as getting more tasks completed through planning, it also gave me a sense of achievement when I had completed my work sheet. Emphasising this to the staff they became aware of this and they stuck to the work sheet I set them and completed all the jobs allocated, with time to spare. This is also a skill I would like to develop, it will make me more employable in the future, and throughout university will help me meet deadlines and complete the work in a set time frame so I have the opportunity to proof read my work, and reach my potential. To do this I have...
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