Career Investigation Report

Topics: Full-time, Part-time, Intern Pages: 7 (2643 words) Published: November 27, 2011
s prepared for Introduction to Sports Management, taught by Professor Dyer. Section 1: Personal Inventory
1.) I am a very nice, down to earth, humble kind of guy and I have ability to be a great leader and I lead by example. 3A.) Best Personal Accomplishments:
1.) Team Captain all fours years of my High School Varsity Tennis career and Captain my last two years on Varsity Football team. * Skills: Leader, reliable, respectful, determined, responsible, nice, great personality, extremely hard worker, always helping others to succeed, team player, never back down, always doing the extra thing to get ahead, and mental and emotional strength. 2.) State doubles champion my senior year and All-state first team honors. * Leader, reliable, respectful, determined, responsible, extremely hard worker, mentally strong, never backs down, fighter, always doing the extra thing to get ahead, and emotionally strong. 3.) Lead Lifeguard at a resort after only one year when it usually takes three years. * Leader, reliable, respectful, determined, responsible, hard worker, follow directions, always doing the extra thing to get ahead, and mentally strong. 3B.) Skills most frequently used: Leader, extremely hard worker, mentally and emotionally strong, Responsible, respectful, determined, reliable, and always doing the extra thing to get ahead. 3C.) Most Important: 1.) Leader, 2.) Hard worker, 3.) Reliable 4.) Responsible 5.) Determined 6.) Mentally Strong. 4.) Leader, Hard Worker, Reliable, Responsible, Determined, and nice.

2. )People I admire and their Qualities/Characterisitics:

Gordon ZawtunTennis Coach| Suzie MooreMother| Peter SmithFriend| Randall BlalockHigh School Coach| Gorton DeMondGrandfather| NiceCaringOutgoingKindheartedLeaderHumbleResponsibleDetermin

edFather FigureHard WorkerSuccessfulTakes InitiativeVocalRespectfulReliableFunny| NiceCaringDown to earthResponsibleVery HumbleVery hard workerDeterminedPerseveranceOutgoingAlways HelpfulNever let us failLoves kidsRespectfulReliableSuccessfulFunny| Nice CaringOutgoingLeaderHumbleResponsibleHard workerSuccessfulNever lets anyone downRespectfulReliableFunny| OutgoingLeaderRespectfulResponsibleReliableHumbleHard workerSuccessfulOutgoingDetermined| Great personFather FigureAlways helpfulHumbleLeaderReliableSuccessfulOutgoingCaringFunnyHard


5.) I found that there are so many different people in my life that have influenced me in such a great way by teaching me how to earn the respect of others and to be highly liked by everyone. By being around all of these great people, I have learned to be nice, caring, outgoing, kind hearted, responsible, determined, reliable, respectful, vocal, humble, and to work extremely hard at whatever I do in life. By learning all of these great influential characteristics, I have transformed into a great leader and a great human being who is fun to be around. I was the captain of my high school varsity tennis team for all 4 years and I was also the captain of my varsity football team for my final 2 years of high school, and without those skills that I learned from my mentors and family, I would never have been able to achieve what I believe to be the highest ranking you can receive on a sports team.

I was able to lead my teams and be the main person everyone looked to if they had a question, needed to talk, or even if there was a conflict between each other. I was always there for all my teammates and even my co-workers at the resort I have worked at for the past 2 years as a lifeguard. All of those skills have come into play at some point in my life whether it is in tennis, football, work, or even in life, and I used them really well to help in any way that I could in any situation. My mom and Gordon have been the most influential people in my life because they have always been there for me and I have known them for my whole life. My mom always taught me as a young boy to always be caring and nice to...
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