Career Interest Profiler and Competencies

Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Thought Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Career Interest Profiler and Competencies
Eric B. Mimms
University of Phoenix
Mr. Charles Bocage

Career Plan Building Tools and My Career

Durring the course of BCOM275 I had various tools provided to me from the University of Phoenix Career service center and the course syllabus. These tools were not only useful in my journey for higher education but insiteful and benificial to identify my career path. The three tools in the Career Service center that were completed this course were Reasoning Aptitude, Work Culture Preferences and Compentencies. the Career Interest Profiler and Competencies activities are a useful tool to showcase an individuals strengths, talents and general career areas of interest. The Career interest profiler, was used to match your personality with specific career choices. Competincies, showed how your behavior skills and abilities drive your performance at work. By using these tools you are able to improve your ability to better choose your career path and ensure your future success. Looking back at these courses allows me to apply them to my career plan. How Does This Course Apply to My Career

In business as well as life comunication is key to success. Everyday we are presented with a multitude of examples of how comunication is either used successfully or unsuccessfully. This course has provided me with a pathway to explore and learn effective comunication and critical thiking. By giving me a strong base of understanding of these two critical elements in day to day interaction, I can now begin to learn more in a efficient way. In our text Critical Thinking (McGraw-Hill 2009), it states that critiacal thinking is really thinking about thinking. Understanding how basic this concept is but also how complex gives me more insight into how to become a more complex thinker. Although I still wont have all the answers, sometimes knowing I don’t know the answer can be a answer in itself in that I will not be...
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