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Electrical and Electronic Engineering Personal Statement
At a time when technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, to aid this growth and to make a difference no matter how small has always been one of my greatest ambitions. Having been brought up with strong family values, I have been taught that further education would provide many opportunities for me to develop both as a person and as a member of society Having thoroughly enjoyed Mathematics and Physics throughout the course of my school years, I wished to find a course that combined these subjects and accommodated my specific needs; a course that would require an enquiring mind, the solving problems, the analysing and evaluating of data, manual dexterity and the ability to think logically. Most of all I wanted a course that would engage my mind. In my opinion, Electrical and Electronic engineering fit this requirement Much of our daily life at home, school or work has been revolutionised over the past generation by the development of electronics. Thinking towards the future, I would value a job where there was a fast changing environment, where I would have to be constantly committed to improving my learning and performance throughout my career. Electrical engineering is a very good example of this type of job. Since there is a continued demand for innovation to achieve greater efficiency, giving the chance to exploit new materials and address new markets During a work experience placement, I got the chance to visit a graphic design and advertising firm. The main aim of this visit was to provide me with an insight into the world of work and the demands that are made upon a worker on a daily basis. Throughout my time there, I was treated like any other employee and the experience surpassed all my expectations. As we were all reliant on one another, it was necessary to talk to each other and discuss the progress that was made on a day to day basis and the direction in which to follow to achieve mutual goals. These interactions enabled me to enhance my interpersonal skills and realise how valuable the ability to understand the needs of both clients and co-employees is in order for the company to be successful I have always been a great fan of sport, and have always especially liked netball. I was encouraged to play the sport at the age of six and, since then, it has played an important aspect of my life. Having played for Manchester and Greater Manchester teams for a total of five of these years, I sought the position of Manchester netball coach for a group of U-11 children. I found this experience extremely valuable and this encounter enabled me to develop my communication and leadership skills and, although, I am no longer the coach of this mixed team, I still enjoy watching them play and using the skills that I taught them Within school, I have participated in various activities, all very diverse. I was part of a Young Enterprise Scheme, completed my Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, have been a member of the school choir and had Speech and Drama lessons for a total of five years. These experiences were all very rewarding and challenging and provided me with many happy memories. For five and half years, I have also helped run the school charity shop. 'Pencil Point' caters for the stationery needs of lower school pupils and working here has been one of my most meaningful experiences. I was able to interact with people of all different backgrounds and ages and raise a large amount of money for Francis House Children's hospice, a charity very dear to my heart, at the same time I do feel that I am capable of accepting the challenge of a demanding university course and that I have the character and strength of personality to make a success of it, should I be fortunate enough to be offered a place.

Program: Electrical Engineering

As early as a senior middle school student, I held in great adoration of Chengning Yang and Tsung-dao Lee, two most prominent...
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