Career in Fashion Marketing

Topics: Fashion design, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger Pages: 3 (933 words) Published: November 12, 2012
A career in fashion marketing can make someone a huge success. The different aspects of this job can range anywhere from a buyer to an executive. A buyer is the person who decides how many of each clothing item to order for the store to sell, and an executive is the person who single-handedly decides who does what, and controls the business aspect of the job. Fashion marketing allows someone to be creative, and still have a challenge in regards to knowledge and using their brain’s full potential.

To obtain a career in fashion, the easiest way would be to work from the ground up. Typically, someone would be hired as just an intern. An intern is someone, usually unpaid, who starts from the bottom and tries to learn all of the aspects of the company. To some people, this seems mediocre and pointless because there is no pay involved. However, the executives observe these interns and decide who would make a good asset to their company. When entering the world of fashion marketing, there would only be a few things required; a degree from an accredited fashion design institution, a sense of creativity, and the knowledge of consumer psychology. In a sense, this may seem like the fashion world is expecting quite a bit from their future employees, but it’s basically just people skills. The amount of mathematics required, however, is a little much. Basic classes ranging from business management to financing/accounting would be the bare minimum. Because it would deal with the business side more than the trend-establishing side, you’d be expected to be more intellectual than creative.

In most jobs, you’re sitting there alone in your cubical, not expected to communicate with the outside world. But in fashion, you have to. You have to have an outgoing personality, one that shows your determination and perseverance to the company. Having a genuine personality and dedication are the main personal features that you would be required to have in order to obtain said career....
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