Career in Chemical Engineering

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Chemical Engineering Career
Adam Homan
Saint Paul College

Chemical Engineering Career

For my career path I have chosen to become a chemical engineer. A chemical engineer is considered in my opinion to be a universal engineer, exploring all facets of life. The responsibilities of a chemical engineer can vary but first start with a problem that leads to an idea and then a hypothesis. Following those first steps includes a lot of research involving many check points along the way to ensure the most desirable outcome. A chemical engineer must also engage in a wide array of analyses, which include but are not limited to data, engineering design and test findings. Last and definitely not least is you must be able to display an ability to work with other people not just in your field but in a wide range of other views that may include lectures to your peers as well as the public regarding your research and findings.

Most chemical engineers perform their work in an office setting. Trips to field locations are may also occur depending on the research one is performing. Chemical engineers may also work in a plant that can include confined spaces to perform inspections as well as climbing ladders. Some conditions even include creating things that will be used out of this world, such as in space for NASA.

Overall this job is very specialized and has many options and is only limited by the imagination one has involving chemistry. All chemical engineers should specialize in chemical reactions particle and molecular levels. A good chemical engineer will also have a great understanding of mathematics and physics.

Chemical engineer job demand is according to Bureau of Labor and Statistics is expected to grow 6% from the years 2010 to 2020 which is slow for all occupations. This occupation depends also on the demand on certain products which pertain to this field. Chemical engineers have been migrating or merging with alternative energy, nanotechnology and biotechnology according to BLS. The overall best places for a Chemical Engineer according to Knovel an internet website that specializes in research involving different areas of engineering states that; Camden, NJ, Billings, MT and Houston, Texas as some of the best areas in not only employment opportunities but in pay as well.

The median for chemical engineer according to BLS is $90,300 a year. While the lowest 10% earned $56,520 and the top 10% earned $139,670 a year. Scientific research and development and basic chemical manufacturing offered some of the highest pay for this career field. Below is a chart showing job availability throughout the U.S. and areas of Minnesota.

Employment| Employment Change|
2010| 2020| Number| Percent|
U S| 30,200| 32,000| 1,800| 6%|
Minnesota| 332| 337| 5| 1.5%|
 | 2009| 2019| Number| Percent|
Central Minnesota| 62| 47| -15| -24.2%|
Northeast Minnesota| 11| 14| 3| 27.3%|
Seven County Mpls-St Paul, MN| 254| 247| -7| -2.8%|

Below are Bachelor programs for the University of Minnesota and the University of Minnesota Duluth programs which both offer degrees in chemical engineering. Professional Master Of Engineering (MEng) Degree

The Professional Master Of Engineering emphasizes the practice of engineering in either the private or public sector. The program focuses on developing competencies in the areas of engineering design, problem solving, and practice beyond what can be achieved in earning a Bachelor of Science degree a given engineering discipline. An MEng graduate student is expected to have a focus and degree designation in one of the core UMD disciplines of Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Industrial Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. DEGREE COURSE REQUIREMENTS

The MEng degree program is primarily a coursework degree program with a minimum of three credits and a maximum of six credits allocated to a design project to...
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