Career in Accounting

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Careers in Accounting
One of the major careers being practiced today is accountancy. Thousands of people are completing their degrees in accounting because there seems to be a bright future for accountants with the appropriate qualifications. Accountants, in their career, help ensure that the organizations are running more efficiently, public records are kept more accurately, and taxes are paid properly and on time. They perform important functions by offering a wide volume of business and accounting services to their clients. Accounting career paths vary and this is why many times one has to consider the path that they want to take. After graduating, with an accounting degree, most people do not have a specific idea of what sector to work for.

It is always hard to give the exact number of people who have majored in accounting, but one thing that is known is that the information is very wide and large. This is because many people have different reasons for majoring in this career path. The most common reason is because accounting is a marketable career and they ultimately want to find a job with ease. The number of people majoring in this field is growing greatly and the most important thing to consider is what the main reason of joining this profession is. Some people will claim accounting was best subject in high school and they loved it, therefore they feel they need to major in accounting. I believe, the best reason for majoring in accounting is because it has a wide variety of different career paths. Once working in the career, people will gain a better understanding that the field is not all about debits and credits. The accounting profession is more about communicating a difficult language in the world of business. Many chief executive officers (CEO’s) hold a degree in accounting and have befitted from it greatly. In the life of today, accounting is usually one of the most common undergraduate degree programs. The most interesting part of this career choice is that the people who venture into it will have the best job positions waiting for them. This is due to the idea that accounting is a difficult discipline to learn and practice. The employment opportunities are abundant for the graduates majoring in accounting, so much that government figures show that accountants hold at least 1.2 million of jobs every year (Feldmann, 2010). The need of accounting graduates is increasing day after day, as the business enterprises increase. Each and every sector starting with the individual enterprises, the public, private, and nongovernmental organizations cannot be successful without the use of accountants. There are several things that an accountant can do after they have completed their undergraduate degree. One can choose to specialize in the many different areas of the field, but also must have the skills that will enable them to do so. One of the areas that is very common for people, who have completed accounting degrees, is to explore the auditing profession.

Auditing is one of the basic areas that people chose to build their careers upon. This kind of job involves checking ledgers and financial statements for an organization, to ultimately determine if there are losses and how they are spending the cash that has been allocated to them. In the era of today, the work of this field has been automated due to the innovation of technology. Technology has allowed auditors to simply key in the amounts of the correct values, gained from the organization, then file the right kind of statement. Auditors use a specific type of analysis to compare each year-end amount to the previous years. This can be used to catch any sharp increase or decrease that could reveal some things an organization is trying to overstate or understate.

After attaining a degree in this sector, most of the students choose to become public accountants as their first career choice. The choice of taking the job as a public accountant depends on the fact...
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