Career Goals and Learning Plan Paper

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  • Published : September 13, 2010
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Career Goals and Learning Plan Paper

Throughout the years, when it comes to personal and business tasks, it has been my experience that I have bad times, and good times during the day. In reference to my optimal learning time I find that during the early morning hours, I am able to read, write, and thoroughly soak up new information until late afternoon. It is very hard for me to begin a task during late afternoon and evening hours, however, once I begin, I wind up, and begin working until early morning. I get no rest this way. According to Carter, Bishop, and Lyman (2007) “Knowing how you learn helps you choose study techniques that capitalize on your strengths” (Chapter 2, p. 49). After reviewing my results from the Multiple Intelligence test and the Personality Spectrum I realize that I am a “Visual /Spatial, (a visual) learner”. I learn best when I highlight the most important points in a document, journal, or book using different colors (the colors identify the priority of a statement). I also find it useful when I group all the information that I have highlighted into one document. Viewing videos on a subject, for me, helps me retain more information. In the past videos have been valuable tools as regards to my leaning style. Malcolm Knowles (2005), a pioneer in the field of adult learning believed that; adults need to see more clearly how what they are being asked to learn will benefit them; for adults, learning is much more utilitarian than it is for children. He explained that adults are motivated to learn from being in situations in which they see a need to learn, adults also learn from their experiences, and are resentful of being told what to learn. Therefore, the most productive adult learning comes from the analysis of adult experience (p. 75).

My accumulated life experiences have enabled me to become a better student. However, I am not in complete agreement that adults are resentful of being told...
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