Career Goals and Learning Plan

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Career Goals and Learning Plan

Phoenix University

Communication Skills for Graduates

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Patricia Carpenter

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Dr. Greg Parks


The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of the student’s various ways of identifying and explaining different ways of using and retaining information that will compliment the participating student’s learning style. The paper will also discuss the different ways the student has found and/or developed that will enhance her abilities to retain the course information needed to complete the assignments provided by the instructor. There will be a number of time management strategies provided throughout the paper that will explain what worked best for the student. Finally, this paper will attempt to introduce a number of techniques that maybe implemented to manage the stress associated with the nontraditional student’s reentering the school setting.

Career Plans

By implementing the following strategies and changes I hope become a better social worker in my field. I intend to utilize the knowledge in which I will gain from the University of Phoenix as a graduate student in the field of Marriage and Family Counseling to become a more productive social service provider. Upon obtaining this additional degree I plan to further my career in social services by becoming a counselor in a department that specializes in family services from a holistic point of view.

Developing Learning Time

As a nontraditional student returning back to school I have discovered that I do not have as much time to study and complete assignments as I once did before many years ago when I first started on the educational journey of college. I have since learned that I have to plan everything I do in order to fit everything that needs to be completed by a certain time into my busy work schedule. There are several forms of time management plans that I am in the process of trying that I feel has helped me and will continue to be of an asset to me as I strive to reach my goal of obtaining a Masters degree.

Prioritizing- attempt to place those things that can wait on the “back burner” in order to allow room for those things that are much more important. Elimination-remove those things and/ or persons that are too timely and not very essential to your life or your family. Time value- value your free time to study.

Organize-develop a study plan that works for you and your situation. Technique-develop a technique that works with you that will help you retain needed information. Ex. Listening to music, reading out loud, writing notes, finding a new study place (your home library)(Carter, Bishop, & Kravitis, 2007). These are a few of the changes that I have begun to implement into my life that I hope will enhance my learning abilities and enable me use my learning time wisely.

Information Ways to Retain Course

Being an older person attempting to return to school, my attention span for reading and retaining school work is very limited. I have discovered that it takes a bit more time for me to hold onto what I have previously read because I am not very interested in it to begin with. Also being a working nontraditional student does not help much either. Finding the time to read and/or complete assignments can become very overwhelming especially after a long and tedious day at work. Below is a list of the various ways that I have found that have helped and are helping me retain the course information provided.

· Remove yourself from the noise of your home. Find a much quieter place to study (library, waterfront, backyard, park, etc….).

· Find a study group. A group of other nontraditional students to study with.

· Contact fellow classmates. They may have a better answer...
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