Career Goals

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Objectives, Obstacles, and Solutions

Career Goal Objectives:
My Career Goal is to become a Medical Assistant and help cure others that need help. I know that there are many obstacles in the way of achieving my goal. Also, I want to join the military.

Objective 1:
My first objective is to join the military and further my career. Also, they will give me the advanced training and advanced technology that will help me further my career. When I retire from the military, I will also have a job. More businesses will hire applicants if they advanced training or where in the military. Barrier:

One barrier is that I won’t pass any of the tests that will qualify you to get into the military. Solution 1:
I will need to get into the best of shape and study for the entry test to get into the military.

Objective 2:
My second objective is to travel the world with my career in hand. By traveling, I will learn more in other countries and possibly find a cure for cancer. Also, I will learn more about their cultures and how they live.

The barrier in my way is not having the money to travel or the possibility of getting sick before. Solution:

Academic Goals Objective:
For my academic goal is to graduate college and possibly make it to the deans or presidents list, I will need to do my best and not slack in my class. Objective 1:
My first objective is to graduate college with an associate degree. I want to be all that I can to help anybody and everybody. I will need to find a job in this career field to help me understand and explorer more possible jobs. Barrier:

One barrier in the way of reaching for my goal is falling behind in class, or not being on task. Solution 1:
A solution to this barrier is to ask for extra help or time (if that is ok with the teacher or boss). By asking I am showing the incentive to succeed.
Objective 2:
My second goal is to get my bachelor’s degree or even a masters if they offer it, but if not I...
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