Career Goal: Superhero to Entrepreneur

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  • Published : July 24, 2011
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When I was younger my imagination took over me. People asked me what I wanted to be and I said things like superhero, rapper, or an actor. Reality has struck and as I go farther in college I realize that my dreams for those things have died down. I am a freshman at Central State University and my major is International Business. I don’t know what I exactly want to be quite yet. My main focus is become an Entrepreneur and owning my own business. I want to be able to have my own shoe boutique at a young age and be successful. Marketing and Sales is my secondary focus. I know this will take a huge amount of hard work but I believe I have what it takes to become successful. Owning a business seems easy but it requires lots of work, having connections, and a lot of time and effort.

My main focus in becoming an Entrepreneur owns a shoe boutique. My passion is selling shoes from my past years working at Footlocker Incorporated. Even when I was a little kid I had every shoe that came out it. With my other occupation in marketing sales that’s where buying the products, shipping, and selling my merchandise would come in. Interviewing with Mike Watson, owner of Got Sole Boutique, he told me to do something your passionate about. Once I heard that my mind was already made up. He has owned his own business for almost 4 years and it took him nearly 20 years to raise money for it to start. He started where I was right now by working at Finish Line Company for a number of years working his way up the rankings. He hopes to open up more chains of the store around the United States in the future. He also told me in the interview that having connections with people in your field will be very important as well. He told me if you know people they would help you get your business started whether it works or not. My minor in marketing sales will help from the retail perspective of running a store. Sales are much harder than it seems. You have to develop a correct and successful...
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