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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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Ten years from now, I see myself as a chef. A chef directs the preparation, seasonings, and cooking of salads, soups, fish, meats, vegetables, desserts, and other foods. Chefs may plan and price menu items, ordering supplies, and maintain accounts. They also participate in cooking.

The reason I chose this career because I like to cook different things like home made ice cream and yeast bread. The way to make my goal real is to cook more and learn new foods from different countries. The way I am going to make my dream possible is to get a Cooking and Related Culinary Arts and Culinary Arts/Chef Training.

The type of education needed is a high school diploma and training in a restaurant. There is a good potential for a large salary in the Culinary Arts field. The salaries for this job are, well for beginners, it is $25,900 a year. For a medium wage is $42,500 a year. Last but not least, is $64,500 for an expert wage.

The responsibilities I need to do in that job are: analyze recipes to assign prices to menu items, based on food, labor, and overhead costs. Talk to customers for reservation in weddings, parties, and banquets. Meet with

sales representatives in order to negotiate prices and order supplies. The skills that will be needed for this job is to be

organized and multi-tasker. The environment in the kitchen is busy, noisy, loud, a lot of moving.

People describe me as caring because I am compassionate and caring and those qualities I will put into my culinary skills. The word caring will most likely help me in this job is because I can take care of things.

My family members call me caring because I can take care of my things. The word caring affects me positively. That gives me confidence in the specific field and that lets me know that I can do it. One quote “I had these recipes that say do this, do that. Who makes these rules?” by Emeril Lagasse.
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