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  • Published : May 22, 2011
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                      Career Exploration My dream has always been to become a successful journalist, and a great news anchor. God gave me the gift of being able to communicate effectively and I plan to use it to my advantage in the future. After I graduated from high school, I took a big break on my studies.  After graduating I realized that my big dream was and always has to be on camera reporting events, entertainment, etc.  Now that I am pursuing with my goals I plan to major in mass communications/ journalism.  I hope I can become very successful news anchor.  I think I am a talented, but I wish to become even better. This is why I would like to enter the School of Mass Communications and earn my Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a specialization in journalism. After I complete my education, I want to have the ability to report about any and everything. I know I would make a great journalist because I possess the skills all brilliant journalists have, which are an inquisitive mind, an eye for detail, and the ability to grasp the truth. I have a tremendous desire to succeed in the field of journalism. I am dedicated to achieving this goal and I will not let anything get in my way. I will prepare to become a journalist by taking the journalism course offered in my school, taking all the English classes I can. Cameras Microphones have always been my passion. I first noticed this back in elementary school. Every so often, the school would give students an opportunity to be on talent shows with the hopes of winning a grand prize. I never cared about the prize- I only wanted to be on stage and have cameras audience and a microphone in front of me. I would spend long hours perfecting my lines, or practicing my speeches until they were near perfect. Being the show anchor every year at my elementary school went from being a prize, to a hobby, to a career goal for me. I am inspired by everything and everyone I encounter. Being on TV everyday will be an...
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