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Topics: Police, Law, English-language films Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: December 17, 2012
AJ Badders
Mr. Gerdes
Block 4
30 August 2012
The career I’m looking into perusing is the profession of law enforcement. When I was little I had my mind set on going into the Marines like my dad but my dream was abruptly stopped in his tracks. At age 6 I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and you can’t go into the army if you have diabetes. Therefor I began to look towards law enforcement because I thought that it would be the next best thing. I am putting all my time and energy towards going into law enforcement because it’s a very hands on job and it’s a very productive and helpful profession. When I was a kid I was always running around with fake guns pretending to be in the army because my number one role model, my dad, was in the army. My dream was to grow up and go into the army as soon as I hit 18 years old. But when I was six years old I was diagnosed with diabetes which meant I couldn’t go into the army. For years I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Around 8th grade I started looking into Law Enforcement because in my eyes it was the next best thing, I would still be protecting our country/state and giving back to my home. Law enforcement is my main focus at this stage in my life since it’s the only thing left in that sort of profession that I could do with my diabetes. Being hands on and constantly moving is a big deal for me. I have ADHD so if im still for too long I start twitching my leg or tapping on my desk, it really bugs me if im still for too long. Being a police officer is a very physical, hands on job. You are constantly riding around pulling over people, taking people to jail, training, and developing your skills so it’s a very busy job. However when you do have to sit down and write your reports and do your paper work after an arrest or basic traffic stop its not long until you are back at it riding around and staying active. The field of law enforcement is a great profession for me to pursue and I would be very happy with the constant...
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