Career Essay

Topics: Marketing, Marketing management, Management Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: April 20, 2013

Shannon Moore
SLS -1105 – 127
Individual Work Week 7
Career Essay
February 24, 2013

Career Essay

The career I chose to research is a marketing manager. I have experience in marketing and managing my personal finances well. I have an interest in the field of marketing. Marketing managers coordinate marketing strategies. Marketing managers work with public relations, advertising, strategists and sales programs. Marketing managers build the company awareness and customer base. (Dana Severson) Managers organize strategies for marketing its products profitably. (Ian Linton)

Here are three facts from this reference:
There is no date of publication for this reference.
Creativepool Ltd. Marketing Manager Retrieved from * Marketing Managers should have knowledge of marketing techniques and concepts. They have to be excellent communicators, able to respond well under pressure, think creatively and have interest in what motivates people. * Companies often hire graduates with a degree. However, experience and knowledge of role is required. Marketing Environment changes rapidly, problem-solving is a major skill that is needed in this industry to meet consumer needs. * Successful marketing managers are often promoted to marketing director or managing director. Marketing managers may be offered overseas projects and opportunities as well.

Here are three facts from this reference:
The date of publication for this is 1999-2013 Demand Media Inc. Linton, Ian How Much Does a Marketing Manager Get Paid? Retrieved from * The average salary for a market manager in 2010 was nearly $123,000 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. They receive vacation pay, health insurance, and pension plans. Some also participate in the company bonus plans. * Marketing play an...
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