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CAREER EPISODE No.1 PIRANHA HANGAR BASE CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Place in Colombia INTRODUCTION 1. This first episode is based on my experience as Project and Quality control Manager for the project related to th construction of two piranha hangar base. This project was executed by XXX, the Company which I worked for, and the Contractor was the ZZZ. This construction project took place from August 2004 to August 2005. BACKGROUND 2. The main scope of this project was to build two hangar bases for “piranha” motor boats. These hangar bases provided different facilities to military personnel that need some support during their military operations and each one had fuel storage and supply facilities, warehouse, dinning and temporary housing facilities .Thus, it was necessary to build a potable water system, sanitary system, fuel storage and distribution system, air conditioning system, bilge and ballast system, electrical network, including generator set. Hull, deck and roof structure were built on steel structure with different specs and coating schema. Each piranha hangar base weighted 209 tons and had two storeys. 3. The Hull was composed by five pontoons each one of 8 meters length x 1.20 meters width x1.5 meters depth and a main section of 24 meters length x 3.5 meters width x 1.5 meters depth. Each pontoon had a specific function, pontoon number 3 was designed for sewage system, pontoon five was used for ballast system and included sea box. Inside other pontoons there were installed pipe lines for fuel, sanitary, electrical, bilge and ballast system. Hull main section was designed to fuel and


potable water storage. On second floor, there were located facilities for housing, office and nursery. 4. The main existing problem for this project was that the hangar base had to be fabricated on site since transportation of an entire hangar base was impossible due to security conditions. ZZZ decided that this was a

Best Value Proposal, which means that the selected constructor would be the company that guarantees the success of the project regardless the price. The company had to define and support not only an economic and technical proposal but also a real proposal that analyzed and guaranteed quality, transportation and security/safety factors. This proposal also had to include a fabrication plan at Bogotá and an on-site, transportation plan and on-site assembly plan. The contractor also had to outline an integral plan to perform assembly on-site and furthermore pinpoint which equipment would be used in pre-assembly and joint nine heavy steel modules. PERSONAL ENGINEERING ACTIVITY 5. During the bid process, I was an active member of the technical team which defined technical solution, including hull modules definition, fabrication and assembly plan at Bogotá and on site. This technical team was composed (in hierarchical order) by my boss Eng. XYZ, who is the general manager of the Company, me and a group of external specialists from different fields e.g. structural, naval and mechanical engineering . In this stage, I was in charge of coordinating equipment to define an integral solution and based on conclusions of the technical team meetings, I did relevant documents such as fabrication and assembly plan, transportation plan, Quality control plan and technical proposal, including project schedule. Final proposal presented by ZZZ was composed of two main stages. The first one was fabricating at Bogotá,


the hull (pontoons and main hull) and processing steel plates and steel profiles, including sandblasting and coating process. Second stage was transport these steel modules by air and joint them at project location. After a meeting, in which I had to explain and support designed plans to ZZZ, they fortunately decided that our proposal was the best option for them, so the Company was selected as the contractor for...
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