Career Development Plan Part I Job Analysis Hrm 531

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Career Development Plan Part I – Job Analysis and Selection HRM/531 – Human Capital Management
Week Two Assignment

Interclean has just merged with EnviroTech and as a result has taken on a new strategic direction. The company will no longer sell only cleaning products, but provide full service cleaning solutions for organization in the health care industry. As mid-level sales manager, I will be facing the challenge creating a job analysis in selecting five to seven new hires for the sale team and explaining why they were chosen, and their knowledge, skills, abilities and their roles which is the combined employees from Interclean and EnviroTech in creating a development workforce plan, selection method including it’s advantage and disadvantages. Although there are many ways to define workforce planning, the following definition addresses key aspects of planning for HR professional, workforce planning is the strategic alignment of an organization’s human capital with its business direction. It is a methodical process of analyzing the current workforce, determining future workforce needs, identifying the gap between the present and future, and implementing solutions so the organization can accomplish its mission, goals, and objectives. As a process, workforce planning includes elements such as strategic planning (by both the organization and its partners), workload projections, legislative forecasts, turnover analyses, and budget projections. Workforce planning forecasts the numbers of people and types of skills needed to achieve success by comparing the available workforce with future needs to determine needs that may be unmet (gaps). Workforce planning is a management tool that affects the full life cycle and range of human resources activities including recruitment/selection, classification and compensation, training and development, performance management, and retention. Strategic is not about how to position products and businesses within an industry. Rather, it’s about changing industry rules or creating tomorrow’s industries. Workforce planning process as following:

• What is the target amount to achieved through lower cost to the company But accomplish an increase in profit sales each year?

• What sale is necessary to accomplish the mission of company? • What do the sale team need to do no matter what? • What work can be consolidated or restructed in some way?

• It may be helpful to consider the following to determine which workforce planning actions to take: - Is a particular course of action within the timeline of the sale team - Does the sale team alignment with the team short-term and long-term planning priorities - What is the difficult with implement the action or problem resolution

In job analysis is the study of jobs to identity the observable work activities, focus on work behaviors, tasks, method for gathering information, identifies the personal qualifications necessary to perform the job, the conditions under which is performed and responsibilities associated with a particular job or group of jobs. Job analysis is not of thought processes, attitudes, traits or aptitudes and not an analysis of an individual position. Job analysis does obtain job data, which serves a variety of organizational purposes and provides a basis for decision-making. Job analysis servers as a legal compliance tool for EEOC and ADA. Also, OHR Compensation study is using job analysis to meet goals in develop broader, more flexible job classifications, describe the work of the job family, and identify and differentiate functions within the job family. The job description for the new sales team main job tasks and responsibilities: 1) Develop and maintain a customer database

2) Generate and qualify leads
3) Source and develop client referrals
4) Prepare sales action plans and...
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