Career Development Plan Part Iii—Performance and Career Management.

Topics: Employment, McGraw-Hill, Standard & Poor's Pages: 2 (700 words) Published: January 17, 2011
By creating a management plan this provides feedback information to employees to understand where they stand in this company as well as how they can improve their job performance. My main goal is to make sure my employees know what is expected of them, and how they can stay focus on effective performances. By creating an appraisal form for each employee allows me to “observe the player’s performance, make an appraisal of it, and then provide real –time feedback to build sound habits and eliminate unsound ones.”(Cascio, 2005) Giving feedback to employees by creating an appraisal form plays a critical role at work. One way of giving feedback is by creating a survey and reviewing it with your employee. The opportunities provided to each employee will allow them to understand where they can improve, where they stand, and if there is talk of termination they will know way ahead of time. By reviewing the appraisal form with the employee I will help them reach a higher level of performance. By setting goals for the employee, measuring their accomplishment, and future assessments of progress. Answering all their questions during business hours by email, phone, or a knock on my office door. Follow-up on referrals and new leads through field activity or company internet requests. Develop and maintain current product knowledge and sales materials and prepare and deliver presentations, proposals, and sales contracts to InterClean customers correctly. I will Resolve client concerns and any issues clients have at hand. I will also help them stay ethical to the sales standards and practices as outlined by InterClean. Encouraging their performance also allows the employees to take notice that their managers have really been watching there performance on a daily basis. “To encourage performance, especially repeated good performance, it’s important to do three more things well: 1.) provide sufficient amount of rewards that employees really value, 2.) in a timely, 3.) fair manner....
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