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Career Development Plan Part II - Development of a Training and Mentoring Program

Chentrell M. Williams, MPA
Human Capital Management – HRM 531
University of Phoenix

Career Development Plan Part II - Development of a Training and Mentoring Program On February 22, 2005, InterClean, Inc. became a major force in the sanitation industry after acquiring a key competitor, EnviroTech. The company established a new strategic direction, and anticipates increased profitability in the next year. Additionally, the company expects the merger to increase sales experience and employee knowledge of the industry. The strategic plan includes 1) providing high-quality, full-service (all-inclusive) cleaning solutions and support to facilities managers, operational executives, and the health care industry; 2) eliminating the sale of only cleaning products by providing full-range service packages tailored to individual accounts; and, 3) forming multi-functional, solution-based sales teams. The Career Development Plan Part I addressed the merger and its affect on the company. Also, the plan included a job analysis, a workforce planning system, and a newly created seven (7) person sales representative team. According to Jens Rowold of the University of Muenster, Muenster, Germany, “The rapidly accelerating rate of technological innovation forces organizations to invest in employees’ training and development interventions” (Rowold, 2008, p.1). The merger of both companies drastically impacts the culture of the organization. David Spencer, CEO of InterClean created new opportunities for the company and through his vision, the new sales representative team will be well-informed of new up-and-coming environmental issues and regulations. Thus, the Career Development Plan Part II focuses on the several key components of developing an effective training and mentoring program for the new sales representatives. These components include an overview of the program, needs analysis, program objectives, performance standards, delivery methods, training content, time-frame, evaluation methods, feedback, and training alternatives.

Training and Mentoring Program
One strategy outlined in the merger requires the creation of a multi-functional, solutions based sales team. The newly created sales representative team has three-tier management levels and frontline staff. The team includes the following positions: 1) one Vice President of Sales, 2) one Sales Manager, 3) one Team Leader, and 4) four Outside Sales Representatives. The team consists of employees from InterClean, Inc. and EnviroTech. Thus, the purpose of the training program is three-fold: 1) to prepare the team for new company expectations and guidelines, 2) to provide the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics required to effectively sell InterClean products and perform essential job duties, and 3) to develop a cohesive team to adequately fulfill the new direction of the company. Needs analysis

After the acquisition of EnviroTech, InterClean retained employees from both companies. Carol Stanley an internal consultant performed the needs analysis and conducted personal staff interviews. She inventoried the employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities related to their job duties and product services. Several job skills analyzed include contract related, computer software, leadership, customer service, communications, and compliance and regulatory. Consequently, the analysis reflects the demographics, skill levels, and achievement percentiles of both sales teams. For example, the demographics show that most employees have significant years of experience in the industry. InterClean’s staff development policy dictates that employees undergo extensive trainings to implement the company’s new sales strategy; selling the spectrum of cleaning services and...
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