Career Demand, Salary, and Education Research Paper

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Career Demand, Salary, and Education

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In today’s society, receiving a job can be hard. But for structural engineers, it’s a little bit easier. Because our society constantly needs things such as buildings, waterways, etc., structural engineers are never short of a job. In fact, it’s said that the need for structural engineers will never die. Although, the chances of each individual getting hired as a structural engineer is different for everyone because if you’re looking to stay in one place, there are only a certain number of jobs available there that fit what you want. So it depends on your location, along with your choice of college(s), your grades, and a couple other factors as well.

The greatest need for this occupation geographically is tied between a few states actually, and some of them are pretty surprising. A few of the states include California, Texas, Michigan, and Alaska. They’re mainly needed in bigger city areas, such as Michigan. But the field of structural engineering is growing rapidly and is continuing to expand to new places every year, so who knows what states will be on that list 10 years from now! Salary

Just like any other career, the salary for each job is different. But most jobs start off around the $30,000-50,000 range. The average starting salary for a structural engineer with 0-2 years of experience is approximately $53,000. Then with 2-4 years of experience, structural engineers are usually making around $68,000 per year. Another huge salary increase comes from having 4-6 years experience. They’re then usually making around $88,000 annually. Then, once they’ve finally worked for around 6-8 years, the begin making about $104,000 every year. So that’s quite an increase from the starting salary of just $53,000. So within 10 years of working as a structural engineer, you can just about double your annual...
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