Career Comparison

Topics: Architect, Engineering, Civil engineering Pages: 7 (2033 words) Published: September 9, 2012

Prepared For:
Professor Bob Arnold
ENGL 277

Prepared by
Kelly Pringle
Student at DeVry University

August, 30, 2012

TO: Professor Bob Arnold
FROM: Kelly Pringle
DATE: August, 30, 2012
SUBJECT: Formal Report: Career Comparison

Enclosed in this formal report is an in-depth comparison of two career choices; Civil Engineering and Architecture, requested on August, 19, 2012. Included is a guided decision to the better career choice.

One of the main concerns during this time of vocational guidance is how the occupational health benefits have changed over the last decade or so. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the total percentage of employees who are covered by insurance has declined substantially. This will really be taken into consideration for those seeking employment. Also both Architecture and Civil Engineering are occupations that need to include healthcare benefits.

My research began with the important background information for both careers. What is the job description, what is the pay and benefits, and how to you earn a job in the field? The most credible source to find this type of information is from the Department of labor. All the data is pretty much current and up to date. Some of the data from years ago is used to compare the changes over time including data provided by the census taken every ten years. I continued to investigate printed sources that tented to stack against Architecture, being that it is a more vigorous occupation. JOB SUMMARIES

Among the many duties and responsibilities civil engineers have, they mainly oversee activities of construction personal at the site of the project. To become a civil engineer you have to obtain a bachelor degree or higher, which is for promotional purposes. The average pay is 37.29 per hour with benefits they make up to 77,560 a year. Architects present drawing to clients and create the final blueprint. To make sure the project is going the way they envision it, architects will spend numerous hours at the site so that there is no mistake. To become an architect a bachelor degree or higher is needed and the passing of the architect registration exam. The average pay is 34.88 an hour and 72,550 a year. Benefits depend on the company. RECOMEDTAIONS

I recommend that pursuing a career in civil engineering is a better route to take because there are a lot more incentives. The hours are not typically over time but the pay and benefit are better. In reality civil engineering gives you the best of both careers. SUMMARY

Choosing the right occupation is very important to be satisfied and truly successful. Both careers are in the same branch of task and duties and the education requirements are quite similar. To work long hours and work in a high risk environment is not feasible with the pay and benefits of an Architect. There is a lot to consider before you head down your career path but I think this formal report guides you in the right direction. To that end, civil engineering is the more rewarding career with hardly any limitations.




Job Summary: Civil Engineering1
What Civil Engineers Do1
Work Environment1
How to become a Civil Engineer2
Pay and Benefits2
Job Outlook2

Job Summary: Architecture2
What Architects Do2
Work Environment2
How to become an Architect2
Pay and Benefits3
Job Outlook3

Comparisons and Recomendation3

References .……………………………………………………………………………………..... 4

Selecting the right career is crucial in the steps towards achieving such career and obtaining job satisfaction. Without doing so, there will not be peace of mind or contentment. With that said it is very important to take a sharp look at ones interests, skills, and abilities then decide which occupation is best to venture into. It is advantageous to make this...
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