Career Comes Before Marriage

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Everyone must have own chosen a career as they grow up. There are many types of career that can be found in the society. For example, doctor, lawyer, engineer, teacher, police and so on. A lot of people claim that career should come before marriage. Is it right to put career first before marriage? Some people may say yes, some people may say no. From my view, I think career should come before marriage. There are some reasons why I feel that career should come before marriage.Firstly, I think everyone must have his own career before marriage. Before marriage, we would not have too many family problems as we do not have too many family members before we build our own small family. Therefore, we can concentrate in our career. As we focus on our career, it will become easier to achieve success in our career. For instant, a person who is not yet married or does not yet have any children can put more effort into his career. As he concentrates in his career, he may be able to perform as best as he can. Hence, I truly think career should come before marriage. Other than that, we will have a stable income when we have our own career even if we are successful or not. A stable income enables us to take care of ourselves or our family. As an example, we need money to buy daily requirement, food, clothes, books and many. When we have our own career, we must have income. Maybe this income will only be enough for our spending. When we achieve success in our own career, we must have earn more and have a stable income. Indirectly, we will have the ability to take care of our family. Then, that is a suitable time for marriage. Therefore, that is why many people claim that career might to come before marriage.

On the other hand, we should also look into the effects of marriage on career. After marriage, we cannot put in all of our effort into career alone. We must take care of our family too. Incidently, we cannot concentrate in our career and do...
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