Career Choices

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Career Choices

There are many skills and values to choose from. My 5 Skills I have received are flexibility, leadership, teamwork, communicating, and editing. I believe flexibility relates to my career choice, my time is very flexible and I can adjust to change. My second skill is leadership, I think this skill does suit my career, I like being in charge and do well under pressure and know how to direct my coworkers. Third, teamwork is a skill that again does suit me, I enjoy working with others for a common goal, and I can work well with the people I am surrounded with. Fourth, communicating is a subject I am good at, I have no problem getting my point across to another person or having to talk to an individual . Lastly, editing is a skill I don’t think really suits me, I’m not good at it nor do I enjoy editing. My 5 values are creativity, autonomy, recognition, compensation and leisure. Creativity is a value that does relate to me, I am very creative and enjoy doing things in new and fun ways. Autonomy is another one of my values I believe relates to me because like being independent and having my freedom. Recognition is a value that does suit me; I find pleasure in having people know I have done something good either for them or myself. Compensation is a good value because I like knowing I have a job in which I can support myself and my needs. Lastly leisure is another value in which I can relate too, having a certain time off of work is something I can enjoy. I have chosen a teacher as career choice; I choose this career for many reasons. Becoming a teacher is something I am really interested in and would like to pursue. Most of my values and skills point to this profession for me. I think I would like being a teacher because I would like to teach the youth and pass on some of my beliefs, and affect another’s life in a good way. Teaching is something I’ve always been interested from a young age. I would prefer to teach...
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