Career Change Case Study

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  • Published : August 27, 2006
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Community and Family Studies- Assessment

Case study- A career change

1. List Anthony's primary and secondary needs:
Primary: food, shelter, clothing, water, money.
Secondary: support, safety, respect, happiness, security.

2. Describe how work, for Anthony, meets the needs outlined in Maslow's hierarchy of needs: a) Physiological needs: Work provides money for physiological needs such as food, shelter, water, and clothing. b) Safety and security: Anthony's wok provides a safe and secure environment, also financial and long term career security. c) Love and belonging: After nine years of service Anthony would have built friendships and gained a sense of belonging. d) Esteem: His work gives him respect and promotions which would boost his self esteem and he earns comparable money to his friends in the private sector. e) Self actualisation: Although his job is secure Anthony is unsure if he wants to continue with this career path and is willing to obtain plenty of help to ensure future happiness.

3. What conflict has Anthony been experiencing?
Anthony has been working in the public service for nine years. He finds his work barely challenging but knows to be promoted he must further his degree. He has been considering a career change for over a year, but has doubts as it means a drop in income and he is unsure of just what skills, ability and experience he has to obtain another job.

4. What values are influencing this conflict?
Moral values- Should he change careers, will it make him happy? Aesthetic values- Enjoyment of work, risking income etc for long term happiness. Material values- Income for physical needs.
Social values- Friends and family, helping him with his goal.

5. Using the decision making framework apply the steps to this case study: Step 1: Recognising the problem and deciding to do something about it- Anthony realises to have long term happiness he needs to change his career. He has decided to do something about it to fore...
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