Career Based Assessment Entrance Examination

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Executive Summary
CDSGA or Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel was founded in the year 1993 And will be celebrate its 20th foundation on January 2013. It was founded by Dr. Gabriel G. Uriarte together with his partner Dra. Lucina P. Uriarte

Here is the Mission and Vision of the School

CDSGA commits itself to form responsible persons who are God-centered (maka-Diyos), people-oriented (maka-Tao), Patriotic (maka-bayan), pro-life (maka-buhay) and Pro-nature(maka-kalikasan).

CDSGA envisions a socially responsible, interdependent, functionally, productive and Godly individual. “MAN OF GOD”

Background of the Study
Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel is a private institution for pre-school, grades school, high school and college. Many students are studying in this institution, also in college that they need to pass the entrance examination first before they can study in CDSGA. The process of the entrance examination is the traditional system. Incoming college students are required to go to school just to take the exam, wait until they called to start the examination and wait about an hour to know the results of the examination which is manually checked and count. The system must contain of Internet. It is an online web-based development that can easily access by the user.

Research Locale
Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel is an institution established in the year 1993, founded by Dr. Gabriel G. Uriarte located at Fatima V. Area E Sapang Palay, City of San Jose Del Monte BULACAN.

Figure 1.0: Map of CDSGA

Objective of the Study
The general objective of this study is to understand how the manual process of the career assessment entrance examination system affects the student during enrollment.
Specifically it aims to:
* Understand the existing problem encountered during entrance examination and choosing the course of a student. * Identify the information to be considered in making a career assessment entrance examination system. * Determine the effects of using a computer-based career assessment entrance examination system.


The proponent proposed a system of CDSGA Computer Based Career Assessment Entrance Examination is-a-system for the incoming first year college student that makes the entrance examination become automated. The systems have an interface of log-in and start the examination in every subject. Every examination in each subject has to submit as it through for answering.

The average of the entrance examination is accessed only by the admin. The admin will have print record of average and recommendation of course of a student.

Problem Statement
Over the years there has been a growing concern regarding the accurate process of the entrance examination of the incoming first year students and assessing for the course that will fit them. Effective ways must be implemented in order for the institution to have a better and easy work relationship between incoming first year students exam facilitator and administrator.

Due to the inconsistency of manual process of collecting in checking the entrance examination of the incoming first year students on CDSGA. In some cases the exam facilitator of CDSGA got hassle for collecting the manual entrance examination sheet at the crowded incoming first year students.

There are some cases that the incoming first year students forgot to bring their pen or lost the ball pen on the time that they have to take an entrance examination. It has been hassle distracted and awkward for the incoming first year students as the said situation happened.

As the examination through the administrator is the one that should have to look for the result on average grade from the entrance examination by incoming first year college students to decide and tell the student of what possible course will fit to them. The proponent noticed that it will be much easier to the...
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