Career Awareness in Public Schools

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Career Awareness in the Schools
In this modern society, a plethora of professions are available to students after graduating high school. These opportunities are usually prefaced with another level of education. In the past, college was the expectation for a higher in education, but in modern society, many other forms of advanced levels of education exist. Today’s vocational training opportunities include universities, vocational training, trade schools, armed services, and many other. A student will not have the general knowledge of all of these different vocational trainings. This lack of knowledge is why it is imperative for schools to have at the ready career advice and resources. It is crucial for teachers and schools to assist students with their career awareness because it will aid in students understanding their options. Teachers should aid students in their career ventures and arm the students with the information to reach this career. This task of arming students with knowledge is imperative in supplying the students with tools to sort through the vast multitudes of career opportunities. When students have the resources to research a career and identify what the prerequisites are in obtaining a certain career, they are more likely to be able to achieve this career. Students also may not be aware of the need into developing a plan for their future. Many students don’t think past high school graduation. If they establish connection with a career counselor, they will be more likely to start planning their future. This vested interest in student’s future careers will foster a sustaining and nourishing environment that encourages further vocational training whether that is at a university, or a trade school. To do this, investments in personal and time need to be made towards career awareness.

Schools need to invest in guidance counselors that gather the vast amounts of information entailing the multitudes of careers. The school needs to...
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