Career Assessment Paper

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  • Published : June 26, 2011
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Michael Iemma
Professor Heeter
BUSN 101
04 June 2011
Career Assessment Paper
In order for me to complete this career assessment paper, I initially took an Interest Inventory survey. Upon completing this process, it revealed that my personality profile score was (I, C, A). These three letters represented my strengths and interests in determining which career field would best suit me.

The letter “I” represents the personality of investigating. This includes people who like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze or solve problems. Some of the careers that are associated with this include: Chemist, doctor, investigator, and engineer. The second letter, “C” from my profile score represents the personality trait of being conventional. This includes people who like to work with data, have clerical or numerical ability and pay attention to detail. Sample career profiles include: accountant, air traffic controller, computer operator and customer service. The final letter from my profile score is “A”. This letter represents the personality of being artistic. This type of person has innovative or intuitive abilities. They usually like to work in an unstructured situation, using their imagination or creativity. Sample careers include: actor, architect, musician, stage director and writer.

The results from the survey gave me a better understanding of my interest in the career field. When exploring each personality profile, I discovered that the letter “C” profile offered the most types of careers that would best suit my interests. The career that I selected from the list was the career of computer operator. Computers play a large part in our society today. They are used for various personal and business reasons and many people would find it difficult to live without them. For this reason, computer-related jobs are quite prominent in the job market. A computer operator has various duties depending on their specific job title and place of...
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