Career Assessment Examination Platform

Topics: System software, Evaluation, Software engineering Pages: 4 (1029 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Chapter 4
Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data
This chapter reviewed the analysis of the existing system that was used by the proponents, the development of the proposed system and software, the objectives of the proposed system and software, and the evaluation of the system and software products. Presentation of Data

In developing the proposed study, the proponents gathered information through the use of the questionnaires. The respondents were asked to answer and give their opinion regarding the existing system assessment examination method.

Profile of the Respondents. The respondent’s answer the interview in order to identify their knowledge on the existing system. The respondents are mostly highschool students of Baliuag University. The current process for the existing assessment examination method

The current process is done by the admission office prior to the beginning of very semester. The examiner/applicant will fill up the application form manually and will choose his/her desired course. Once the applicant has pass their application form to the admission office, the next step is he/she will take the assessment and after he/she took the assessment exam, he/she will wait for 15-20mins for the result of his/her exam. If they passed in their desired course the admission personnel will tell him/her that they passed in their exam. Tools/Instruments currently used in taking assessment examination method

Tools and instrument are the basic necessities required to complete the examination. In a manual process of taking examination, pen, questionnaire and answer sheet are the main instruments used by responsible person such as the applicant. Once the applicant is done with answering the admission personnel will check it also manually and will compute it in an average grading computation. Problems commonly encountered in the existing system

There are some factors that need to considered before the applicant will enroll in his/her desired...
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