Care of Residents and General Social Care

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QCF Diploma level 3
The following learning resources are for guidance/reference ONLY!!! Please do not copy, as your work may be rejected by your Assessor!!

The following ‘outcomes’, need to be met, to show your assessor competency of your work practices. The following outcomes need to be answered to your own working practices, and service users. The enclosed examples are based on elderly/ learning disability service users, so you will need to ‘adjust’ the suggested answers to represent your service user groups, working practices, and experiences.

SHC 34
UNIT 4 Principles for implementing duty of care

Outcome 1 Understand how duty of care contributes to safe practice The learner can:
a. Explain what it means to have a duty of care in own work role b. Explain how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals.

Outcome 2 Know how to address conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between an individual’s rights and the duty of care The learner can:
a. Describe potential conflicts or dilemmas that may arise between the duty of care and an individual’s rights b. Describe how to manage risks associated with conflicts or dilemmas between an individual’s rights and the duty of care c. Explain where to get additional support and advice about conflicts and dilemmas.

Outcome 3 Know how to respond to complaints
The learner can:
a. Describe how to respond to complaints
b. Explain the main points of agreed procedures for handling complaints.

Your assessor will ask you to complete workbooks, to cover each unit of this award, which will differ, depending on which awarding body is being used. Therefore, the guidance answers enclosed are based on the ‘outcomes’ for each unit, which will support your knowledge, and evidence for your award.

I hope you find this guidance useful for your award, and be a beneficial learning aid to your studies.



‘Duty of care’ within your role means that you have responsibilities to deliver the service to your service users, and your employer also has responsibilities. By following your organisational policies, and the GSCC codes of practice you are complying with your responsibilities of ‘duty of care’. The Health & safety at Work Act 1974, (HASAWA) specifies:

Employer Duty of Care under HASAWA (Your Manager’s duty of care)

As far as reasonably practicable, the employer has a duty to:

• Provide a safe place of work including safe access & egress • Provide & maintain equipment that is safe & not a risk to health • Provide all necessary information, instruction, training & supervision.

Employee Duty of Care under HASAWA (Your responsibilities under duty of care)

It is the duty of care of all employees to:

• Take reasonable care of their own health & safety & that of others who may be affected by their activities • Co-operate with their employers, so far as necessary, to enable that employer to comply with any statutory duty or requirement.

The General Social Care Council (GSCC) is the social care workforce regulator in England and their job is to regulate the conduct and training of the care workforce. Every care employee and care employer is required to abide by the code of practice as defined by the GSCC. There are two codes of practice. One which helps care workers to understand what standards are expected from them, and one which helps employers understand what standards are expected from them.

The codes can be summarised as follows:

Employers should:
Make sure people are suitable to enter the workforce...
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