Cardiovascular System Workout Log for Hope

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Date| Warm-Up| Physical Activity| Intensity (Light, Medium, or High)| Cool-Down| Minutes| 2/20/2013| Walking| Jogging| Medium| Quadriceps, hamstring, and calf stretches| 50|  2/13/13|  Stretch| Squat | Medium |  Stretch| 30 |  2/13/13|  Walk|  Jogging| Light | Quadriceps | 30|  2/14/13|  Jumping Jacks| Running | Light | Jogging |  30| 2/15/13| Abdominal Crunch| Sit-ups| High| Stretch| 30| 2/15/13| Light cycling| Cycling| Medium| Light cycling| 45| 2/16/13| Light marching| Walk The Dog| Light| Light marching| 45| 2/17/13|  Walk|  Running|  Light|  Walk| 50| 2/18/13| Stretch| Swimming| Medium| Walk around the Pool| 45| 2/19/13| Jumping Jacks| Jumping Rope| Medium| Stretch| 45| 2/20/13| Stretch| Weight Lifting| High| Squat| 15| Goal: I aspire to monitor my heart with all my workouts and make sure I stay within target no later than February 14, 2013.

1- Do you believe your cardiovascular routine is improving your fitness?  Why or why not? Yes, I believe my cardiovascular routine is improving my fitness. I am making improvements everyday on my workouts. Now, I make time to exercise daily, sometimes twice a day. 2- Were you able to maintain your workouts within the target heart rate zone calculated?  Why or why not?  Why is it important? I checked my heart rate level frequently to ensure that I was using my heart efficiently. By doing so, I was able to stay within target during my workouts. 3- What additional activities could you include in your workout routine to improve your cardiovascular fitness level? I will definitely do more swimming and running to improve my cardiovascular fitness. 4-Explain how you applied the F.I.T.T. principles in your cardiovascular workouts.  Identify each factor and how it works to improve your health. Frequency- I usually work out every other day, sometimes not at all in a week. Throughout this lesson, I have...
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