Cardiovascular and Aerobic Exercise

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Cardiovascular and Aerobic Exercise
Cardiovascular exercises are one of three main types of exercise that include strength and flexibility exercises. This type of activity requires continuous motion of large muscles, such as your legs or arms. The exercises that are performed for aerobics are called cardiovascular because they work out your heart and your lungs. This means training the most important parts of your body to work more efficiently and become healthier.

One thing that is nice about doing an aerobic exercise or cardiovascular exercise is that there are numerous different was to exercise the heart and use the large muscles. Some examples include swimming, cycling, using an elliptical trainer, walking, rowing, running, and jump roping, and performing high impact routines or step aerobics. These activities can be combined, and preferred to be combined. Therefore, the body does not get used to doing the exact same workout over and over again. A big exercise that is an aerobic and good for cardiovascular is dance. One is constantly moving and uses different muscles.

The article I read, talked about how these exercises make the heart stronger, makes the heart more efficient, improves the flow of blood to the heart muscle, and improves the heart's ability to handle stress. It talked about restiveness exercise and how it should be done two to three times a week. Free weights or standard equipment can be used. Restiveness exercise develops muscle tone and strengthens muscles. These are very important for aging adults. Overall, aerobic exercise is important to a human because it will increase life by making the heart stronger and healthier.
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