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The life of a cardiothoracic surgeon is very appealing tome. I want to become a cardio surgeon because its challenging, interesting, and fulfilling work, that includes, emerging therapies, new technology in medicine, team approaches, problem solving, and above all, saving lives. I have always wanted to be a doctor; although, I didn’t chose cardio as a specialty until my sophomore year of high school when I relocated to Pennsylvania. My inspiration came from the strength and the courage of the medical staff that saved the life of my mother and I, while she was in the ICU in Carson City, NV. She was hospitalized for three months while pregnant, also under constant paralyzation in her delicate state. I feel that the dedication of the doctors helped insure our survival, and I believe that I was saved for a purpose. I would like to think that may be to show people the same courage and dedication that I was shown. I would like the opportunity to give someone a second chance like I was given.

Cardiothoracic surgeons are physicians who have trained specifically to operate on patients in need of a variety of acute surgical procedures, such as work on the heart and great vessels of the chest cavity esophagus, and lungs. They often work with patients with birth defects, heart disease, lung cancer, and other conditions. They assess the patient’s condition, conduct diagnostic tests, consult patients and other medical personnel, and perform the necessary procedure to provide the best treatment possible. “Frequently, surgery is needed to treat complications of ischemic heart disease, valvular heart disease, and atherosclerosis.” (Wiki) This means that if a vessel breaks, a heart attack occurs, or any other massive heart trauma arises they would visit the cardio surgeon. Cardio surgeons are well known for their long work hours, large cases, and complex surgeries. Typically surgeons work...
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