Cardiorespiratory Lab

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Lab Assessing Your Current level of Cardiorespiratory Endurance Cardiorespiratory endurance- is the ability of the body to perform prolonged, large-muscle, dynamic exercise at moderate-to-high levels of intensity. The 3-Minute Step Test

I. How to Assess Your Cardiorespiratory endurance

1. Warm up before taking the test. Do some walking, easy jogging, and stretching exercises.

2. Practice stepping up onto and down from the step before you begin the test. Each step has four beats: up-up-down-down. Males should perform the test with the metronome set for a rate of 96 beats per minute, or 24 steps per minute. Females should set the metronome at 88 beats per minute, or 22 steps per minute.

3. Set the metronome at the proper rate. Your instructor or a partner can call out starting and stopping times; otherwise, have a clock or watch within easy viewing during the test.

4. Begin the test and continue to step at the correct pace for 3 minutes.

5. Stop after 3 minutes. Remain standing and count your pulse for the 15-second period from 5 to 20 seconds into recovery.

6. Cool down after the test by walking slowly for several minutes.

II. Determining Maximal Oxygen Consumption

1. Convert your 15-second pulse count to a value for recovery heart rate by multiplying by 4.

2. Recovery heart rate:_________ (15-sec pulse count) X 4 = _________ bpm

3. Insert your recovery heart rate in the equation below, where

H = recovery heart rate (in beats per minute)
Males: VO2max = 111.33 - (0.42 X H)
Females: VO2max = 65.81 - (0.1847 X H)

For example, a man with a recovery heart rate of 162 bpm would calculate maximal oxygen consumption as follows:

VO2max = 111.33 - (0.42 X 162) = 43 ml/kg/min

Males: VO2max = 111.33 - (0.42 X______(recovery heart rate (bpm)))=___________ml/kg/min

Females: VO2max = 65.81 - (0.1847 X______(recovery heart rate...
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