Carbon Footprint of Woolworths

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Natural gas Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: January 16, 2012
Carbon Footprint:
Carbon footprint means the total emitted greenhouse gas specially carbon by any organisation, event product or person. Woolworths is one of the largest company of Australia and despite this company trying to reduce their carbon production but still it producing heaps carbon.. ( Measurement process:

Using trees to offset carbon (tree planting)
Why company should measure carbon footprint:
* Demonstrate companies environmental credentials
* Increase market reputation
* Meet increasing supply chain tender needs
* Achieve positive PR and create marketing opportunities * Motivate employees
* Engage with customers, shareholders & other stakeholders

Woolworths Limited pollution (internal):
* Woolworth’s fridges and refrigerator is not envirmentannally friendly. It produce bad gas like HFCs that can more almost 4000 times more dangerous than carbon di oxide .Almost 50%of greenhouse gas emissions from Woolworth’s stores are associated with refrigeration. * Air conditioning and lighting are other major contributors * Electric pallet jacks

* Pressing cardboard bell
* Business transportation(company cars)

What Woolworths can do?
* Reducing energy usage
* Start Using T5 fluorescent lamps which provides energy savings of 30% in comparison with other fluorescent lights * Automated light control technology
* Start using of LED lights for external signage because it can reduce 90%energy usage than the conventional signage lighting. * Use of cascade co2 refrigeration system that canreduces the greenhouse emissions by 25% in comparison with the conventional refrigeration used in food retailing * Reducing water usage

* Use of wetted pads in the refrigeration system to reduce water usage * All preparation sinks, cleaners sinks and staff kitchen sinks are fitted with low flow taps

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