Carbon Footprint

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Kimberly Turner07/26/2012
Carbon Footprint Paper

My total carbon footprint is 140% of comparable households, and 699% of the global average. Not very good! My impact is the equivalent of burning 195 barrels of oil, or driving 16 typical 25mpg cars 10,000 miles per year. My five major impact areas are Driving/Transportation, Housing/Utilities, Shopping/Food, Clothing/Services and Location.

Out of my five major factors, my first is transportation. My transportation is 267% of comparable households. My impact is 36.9 metric tons of CO2/per year. The biggest factor is the type of vehicles we drive and our mileage.

The next is housing, which I am 99% to comparable households. With 16.4 metric tons of CO2 per/year, with our biggest factor being our electricity consumption. We live in an older large mobile home and needs some energy saving updates. We have recently replaced the Air Conditioner and heating unit and tinted the windows. We are trying to head in the right direction, but the summer heat is hard to battle.

As for shopping, I came in at 104% of comparable households. We do eat a lot of red meat in our household, but coming from a cattle ranch, most of it is fresh beef. We spend a lot on eating out; do to our busy schedules and my husband’s occupation. And with two growing girls the food and clothing bills grow every year.

Location of our home is a big factor for our family. We are 15 miles from the nearest town and 22 miles from our daughter’s school. With both children in multiple school sports and activities, that means several extra trips weekly to town and school. My husband also works out of town and state, which adds to his mileage in his truck and mileage flying.

Some of the ways to offset my carbon footprint may be to reduce the number of trips to the school by carpooling with other parents. We can also reduce our visits to town by making one weekly trip to go shopping and eat out, instead of the several we do now. We can...
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