Carbon Dioxide and Percent Yield

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Volume, Stoichiometry Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Chase Vandenberg, Ambi Agrawal
Gas Law Inquiry Lab
Question: What is the percent yield of CO2 released when you combine 10g of baking soda and 50 ml of vinegar? Independent variable: The independent variable is the baking soda because it is the limiting reactant. Dependent variable: The dependent variable is the amount of CO2 released because that depends on the limiting reactant which was baking soda.   Hypothesis: We Estimate that the percent yield will be 17%.

Procedure/Experimental Design
1. Gather materials needed,
a. 100 ml Vinegar          b. 20 g Baking Soda          c. Plastic Bottle  
d. Balloon                     e. Writing Utensil               f. Ruler         g. String                        h. Calculator 2. Pour the 50 ml of vinegar into the plastic bottle
3. Take the 10g of baking soda and pour it into the balloon
4. Carefully put the balloon on the plastic bottle’s mouth. Be careful not to let any of the baking soda pour into bottle. 5. In one quick motion, pour all the baking soda into the vinegar by lifting the balloon. The balloon should fill up with Carbon Dioxide being released from the experiment mixture. 6. Once the balloon is done filling up and the reaction in over, take the string and wrap it around the balloon and record the measure. 7. Using the volume of a sphere formula, find the volume carbon dioxide that is produced from the baking soda and vinegar reaction in liters. 8. Repeat steps 2-7 for a second trial.

9. Divide the actual volume (after you average the 2 trials) by the theoretical yield (which can be found using the equation and the Gas Law) to find the percent yield. Data and Data Analysis

Conclusions and Validity
The hypothesis states that there will be a percent yield of 17%. This was far off from and refutes what the data actually states. After dividing the actual (7.4 liters) over the theoretical volume (2.8), the percent yield was 261%. This shows that our actual is almost 2 and a half times...
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