Carbon Cycle Story

Topics: Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Water Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: March 4, 2013
AP Environmental Science
9 October 2012
My Carbon Story
Hey there guys! My name is carbon. I am made up of one C, a carbon molecule, and two O, oxygen molecules. I have been hanging out at the deep-water bar and grill for over three hundred and eighty years. And while I was in the town of rock bottom there was a fun amusement park ride called “lift em’ up” that comes into town once every couple of million years. The best part is that the ride last for millions of years as well! Once I rose to the top of the ride, me and the other carbon people are above water and I am just sitting around on rocks on this volcanic island. These rocks just started to weather one day though, and I came loose from the rocks and drifted with the wind and up into the atmosphere party where there are millions of particles partying. I followed them in a cloud until I felt comfortable enough to drop out and fall seven miles attached to a taxi drop. They are pretty cheap now a days. Then I fell right on a beautiful patch of grass and was soaked up by the rich soil and was absorbed by the plant and was used for the process of photosynthesis. Then after I am stored in the grasses energy reserves a mean consumer ate my grass house, and I was all of a sudden in a slimy and gross stomach of a dirty consumer. But I knew I could escape from this peril. So I thought of the best way to escape from the animal and I thought to go through the respiratory system. So when he would breath he would just breathe me back out. That was probably the scariest ride of air ever. But then I was just floating around in the air without any purpose, just aimlessly wandering around looking for a plant to use me for photosynthesis, but a lot of the producers in the ecosystem such as forests are being killed or chopped down! And while they are being killing the ecosystem they are producing Co2 with their machinery. So was just floating around again looking for something to do. Eventually I floated back up into the...
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